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The TOM-CAT Foot Scanner System: The Electronic Alternative to Plaster Foot Casts

It is truly astounding that, in our advanced technological society, archaic and primitive casting methods are still being used to produce custom orthotics. The entire process is messy and time-consuming for everyone involved. Traditional methods of fitting patients with custom orthotics involved plaster casting, which required physical storage space, costly inventory, messy preparation and wasted time. Doctors and assistants spent considerable time and money trying to capture accurate images that could be used by the different labs.

The TOM-CAT Scanner Works with Your Favorite Orthotic Lab.

foot scanner for orthotic labYou have the freedom of choice to work with the lab of your choice, without having to complete, verify or review another annoying form. Just a few clicks and all of the required information is formatted and sent off electronically for processing. Thanks to our immediate verification mechanism, you will never receive another distracting phone call requesting clarification on blank or misspelled information. It’s all there, and it’s all communicated correctly the first time.

no paperworkDigital Accuracy

Benefit from the accuracy of 21st century digital foot scanning. Just have your patient place their foot on our fully-adjustable scanner and click a button. The 3D scan appears on the screen in seconds allowing you to verify accuracy.

no messNo Mess

There’s no mold preparation mess, no setting time, no removal process. Just a click, that quick, and you’re done. The patient puts their sock and shoe back on and you’re on to your next patient.

save timeSave Time

You have the freedom of choice to work with any orthotic lab, without having to complete or review another form. Just a few clicks and all of the required information is formatted and sent electronically for processing.

save moneyIncreased Profits

The difference in patient satisfaction translates quickly into increased income. To learn more about how the TOM-CAT™ Foot Scanner can increase the long-term prospects for your practice, contact us today.

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