Advantages of the TOM-CAT Digital Foot Scanner

No More Paperwork

circle220-noformsWe were simply amazed by the amount of paperwork that was required by the different labs and insurance companies, all to process a simple custom orthotic insert. So, we developed our software from the ground up with one goal in mind – to eliminate the need for these forms and their time-consuming completion.

With the TOM-CAT Digital Foot Scanner, doctors simply select the appropriate response from our pre-populated dropdown menus and the forms are completed for them. Because we have a relationship with all of the labs, we’ve been able to pull the required information together into a single document that complies with each of them.

This means you have the freedom of choice to work with the lab of your choice, without having to complete, verify or review another annoying form. Just a few clicks and all of the required information is formatted and sent off electronically for processing.

Thanks to our immediate verification mechanism, you will never receive another distracting phone call requesting clarification on blank or misspelled information. It’s all there, and it’s all communicated correctly the first time.

No More Mess

circle220-nomessLet’s face it, creating plaster and/or fiberglass casts is an inconvenient and unprofessional mess that no doctor ever wants to have to deal with. It’s safe to say that no one enjoys the inventory hassles and the cleanup that’s involved in this archaic process.

With the TOM-CAT Digital Foot Scanner, this 19th century technology can be abandoned for the accuracy and convenience of 21st century digital foot scanning. Just have your patient place their foot on our fully-adjustable scanner and click a button. The 3D scan appears on the screen in seconds allowing you to verify accuracy.

There is no preparation mess, no setting time, no removal process. Just a click, that quick, and you’re done. The patient puts their sock and shoe back on and you’re on to your next patient.

Most of our doctors tell us that the cleanliness and professional results of our innovative foot imaging system is more than enough to convince them of the need for an upgrade. Regardless of your reasoning or rationale, if you’re still messing around with plaster and fiberglass, you need to contact us immediately to learn more about the many benefits of the TOM-CAT Digital Foot Scanner.

Save Time

circle220-savetimeConsidering the fact that conservative estimates for creating a plaster cast are as high as 30 minutes, it’s amazing that someone didn’t push to find a faster and more efficient way to capture patient foot molds before this. Perhaps the technology wasn’t there, or it was simply a case of people continuing to do what they’ve always done. Regardless, we at TOM-CAT are ready to offer a better, faster way to treat patients in need of a custom orthotic insert.

With the TOM-CAT Digital Foot Scanner, doctors are able to click and scan their patients’ feet in a matter of seconds, verify the digital image immediately and then then send the order to the lab of their choice. Every step of the TOM-CAT process is focused on speed. But we’re not just talking about saving a few minutes. The potential time savings with the TOM-CAT Digital Foot Scanner is literally exponential. Our doctors are able to cut patient molding time by more than 80% (reducing per patient time from 30 minutes to 6 minutes or less).

This means that they are able to see and treat a minimum of 3 to 4 times the number of patients in the same amount of time. Imagine being able to handle 300% of your current patient load in the same time.
To learn more about how you can triple or even quadruple your results using the TOM-CAT Foot Scanner, contact us today.

Make More Money

circle220-savemoneyBecause our doctors are able to treat their patients in an incredibly fast and efficient manner, they are able to see and treat more patients during their regularly scheduled workweek. This means that they are able to significantly increase their income without having to invest any more time or work an extra minute.

When you add in the cost savings associated with eliminating admin costs, casting supplies and other miscellaneous expenses, the potential increase in income becomes even greater.

For many of our doctors, the difference in patient satisfaction translates quickly and directly into increased income and financial results. To learn more about how the TOM-CAT Foot Scanner can increase the long-term prospects for your practice, contact us today.


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