Digital Podiatric Scans Are More Accurate and Consistent

Plaster and fiberglass casts are delicate and prone to breaking. The materials are hard to work with, and any accidental movements prior to final setting can result in inaccuracies that require a repeat of the entire process.

With the TOM-CAT Foot Scanner, there is no plaster or fiberglass mess, only a hi-tech digital scan that uses light to create a 3D image of the foot. The entire process is completed in a matter seconds, and the results are immediate.

Patients place their foot on the scanner, doctors click the scan button and the “mold” appears on the screen so it can be reviewed by the doctor. If the patient has moved during the scan, the doctor can simply rescan in another few seconds and review it again.

consistent-imgUsing this revolutionary method, the TOM-CAT Foot Scanner produces incredibly accurate and, most importantly, more consistent results for the patients. Thanks to the sophistication of the technology and the simple review process, doctors are able to provide ultimate consistency and satisfaction for their patients.

If you want to learn how to get more consistent results for your patients, contact TOM-CAT today.

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