foot scanner works with any orthotic lab or supplier

Work with the orthotic lab or supplier of your choice.

We talk to doctors everyday who are fed up with the way that custom orthotics are being produced. From the messy casting methods, to the wasteful and inefficient shipping process, to being locked in a relationship with a specific lab, the entire orthotics industry is ready for a change. We are confident that the TOM-CAT foot scanner is the change doctors (and patients) have been waiting for.

freedon-scanBecause we’ve developed the TOM-CAT foot scanner from the ground up to be a clean, professional solution that is universally installed and recognized, doctors who upgrade to this revolutionary technology have the complete freedom to work with the lab of their choice. They are no longer hostage to the outrageous fluctuations and undesirable results of a certain lab that isn’t meeting their needs. They are no longer at the mercy of a few providers whose processes no longer match theirs.

If you would like to learn more about the freedom of choice and how TOM-CAT is changing everything about the custom orthotics process, give us a call, or view the list of TOM-CAT partners.

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