Increased Profits

Electronic foot scanners are environmentally responsible

While it may sound too good to be true, it’s really quite simple. With the TOM-CAT Foot Scanner, patient loads are increasing and costs are decreasing, producing a welcome rise in profit, increases in a diminishing-margin, insurance-controlled marketplace.

What used to require 20-30 minutes with traditional casting methods can now be completed in a matter of a few seconds. Because doctors are able to scan a patient and fit them with custom orthotics in a matter of seconds rather than minutes, they are able to see more patients within the same daily schedule.

In addition, because the TOM-CAT process is much more professional and accurate, patient satisfaction is increasing, leading to more referrals and more patient inquiries to fill those newly found free appointment times in doctors’ schedules.

bottomline2On the other side of the equation, the digital scanning and electronic submission processes of the TOM-CAT Foot Scanner eliminates related supply and shipping costs and significantly reduces administrative costs.

If you would like to see how we can help you increase your productivity and reduce costs to produce more profits for your practice, contact TOM-CAT today.

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