No Mess

Electronic foot scans have no messy plaster casts

It is truly astounding that, in our advanced technological society, archaic and primitive casting methods are still being used to produce custom orthotics. The entire process is messy for everyone involved.

First, let’s consider traditional “casting” methods from the patient’s perspective – they have to remove their shoe and sock and place their foot on a table where slimy, uncomfortable strips of material dipped in a chalky plaster mixed are wrapped around them, all while trying to remain still and ignore the cramps that are slowly developing. Once it’s all done, the cast is removed and they receive a towel to remove the gritty residue that remains. While casting isn’t a painful process, it is certainly not the most enjoyable experience for your patients.

Next, let’s consider traditional “casting” methods from the doctor’s perspective – they (or their assistant) have to gather the materials and mix up a single batch of plaster, then dip fraying strips of fabric into a sloppy liquid concoction and apply them to the foot of an obviously uncomfortable patient until a full cast is made. Once it’s all done, the cast is removed and carefully packed for shipment, then the leftover mixture and material waste must be disposed of and cleaned up after.

foot-leafAt TOM-CAT, we think this entire scenario is unthinkable. That’s why we’ve developed our innovative 3D foot scanner. It allows doctors to scan patients’ feet using light to create an accurate, consistent digital image that can then be electronically submitted to any lab for the immediate creation of comfortable, well-fitting custom orthotics – all without any mixture, all without any material, all without any mess.

If you’ve had enough of the traditional plaster mess, call TOM-CAT today to learn more about how we can help rid you of the entire “casting” process.

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