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TOM-CAT Orthotic Scanning System Case Study: Dr. Wolfe

“The TOM-CAT has helped me to realize a savings of between $60 and $75/patient”

Dr. Wolfe is a Podiatrist who has been in private practice for many years.  He recently installed a TOM-CAT Foot Scanner and has been experiencing first-hand the difference our innovative orthotic scanning system makes.

One of the first things that Dr. Wolfe is quick to point out is the speed with which the TOM-CAT performs a scan. “With the TOM-CAT, you can do an orthotic scan in a matter of minutes.”  This provides for a few important benefits, including less time per patient and less time correcting mistakes.

“When I used to make plaster casts, I had to stand there and hold the patient’s foot for 10 minutes until the plaster hardened.  If they moved their foot or scrunched their toes, I’d have to recast them, which meant another 15 minutes.  With the TOM-CAT, I can position the foot and it only has to be held for 10 seconds. If the scan isn’t right, I know immediately and can rescan in less than 30 seconds.”

The true value of this speed and the extra time it creates is enthusiastically conveyed by Dr. Wolfe.  “Considering that I’ve cut my ‘casting’ time from 30 minutes to 5 to 10 minutes, I estimate that the TOM-CAT has helped me to realize a savings of between $60 and $75 per patient.”

In addition to the considerable savings related to his time, Dr. Wolfe also appreciates the way the TOM-CAT has eliminated several other costs from his practice.  “We no longer have the expense of casting materials, and my staff is no longer wasting time on unproductive tasks related to preparation and cleanup.”
In addition to the scanning process, the TOM-CAT Foot Scanner is also changing the way doctors process orders.  “It takes about 15 seconds to actually scan the patient, then another few minutes to run through the prescription and send it off to the lab.  One of the best aspects of this scanner is that it only takes about 10 seconds to transfer the scan over to the lab.”

Ultimately, thanks to his investment in the TOM-CAT, Dr. Wolfe is able to see more patients in the same amount of time, while cutting costs and increasing efficiency.  “I think the greatest part about this whole experience is that, after you have the orthotic scanning system, there are never any additional costs for supplies or sending out the scan and processing the custom orthotics.”  This means more income and increased profit for his growing practice!

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